Capitol Club is a membership program for some of our most committed members who give their time, energy, and dollars towards making the Tennessee Republican Party stronger. JOIN TODAY

Cost: $100 annual contribution 

Members receive the following benefits: 

1. An official Capitol Club lapel pin 

2. 1 discounted ticket* to the annual Statesmen’s Dinner (*$50 off ticket price) 

3. Quarterly Capitol Club political report 

4. Recognition on the TNGOP website  

2018 Capitol Club Members

Rob Ailey (SEC Member)
Pat Allen (SEC Member)
Beth Scott Clayton Amos (TNGOP Vice-Treasurer)
Timothy Amos
Julia Atchley-Pace
James Bauerly
Kathryne Bauerly
Emily Beaty (SEC Member)
Tina Benkiser (SEC Member)
Mark Brawner
Oscar Brock (RNC Committeeman, SEC Member)
Kathryn Bryson (SEC Member)
John Buckles Jr
Linda D Buckles (SEC Member)
Gino Bulso
Rebecca Burke (SEC Member)
Jacky Carver Jr.
Jane Chedester (SEC Member)
Dollye Clayton
Jim Cobb (SEC Member)
John Daniel
Lynne Davis (SEC Member)
Robert Duvall (SEC Member)
James Garrett
Melissa Gay (SEC Member)
Mike Hammond
Carla Hatfield
Ted Hatfield (SEC Member)
Shannon Haynes (SEC Member)
Brenda Hedrick
Kyle Hedrick
Charles Holiway
Liz Holiway (SEC Member)
Matthew Johnson (SEC Member)
Charlotte Kelley (SEC Member)
Beverly Knight Hurley (SEC Member)
Alfred Hurley
Zarianna Hurley
Bill Landrum (SEC Member)
June Landrum (SEC Member)
John Lindahl
Jennifer Little (TNGOP Vice-Chairman)
Ron McDow (SEC Member)
Todd McKinley
John Newman (Madison County Trustee)
Brandon Ogles
Bobbie Patray
Stephanie Pearson (Wayne County Chairman)
Shawn Pritchett
Wallace Redd (SEC Member)
Tom Tunnicliffe
John Schoonmaker (Knox County Commissioner)
Charles Smithers
Kevin Swatsell
Jennifer Winfree (SEC Member)
Bobby Wood (SEC Member)
Annabel Woodall (SEC Member)
Dr. J.C. Woodall
Betty Ziesel
Leonard Ziesel