December 1, 2017

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GDP Growth

For the better part of this year, economists and the mainstream media have underestimated President Trump's ability and plan to grow our economy. They called his plan "unrealistic" saying that "If Trump thinks he can get more than 3% economic growth, he's dreaming." Again, the President has proven the nay-sayers wrong. Just this week, third quarter growth has been revised to a three-year high of 3.3%. Looks like a dream come true.

Tax Reform

In Washington, Tax Reform has dominated the conversation. Republicans in the House have already passed their plan and now the Senate is moving towards doing the same. Democrats, as usual, are doing everything they can to stop or slow down any action. Although they want to push the fake news that this plan is bad, the truth is that we need reform to update to our outdated tax system and continue the strong economic growth we have seen in 2017. Individual tax cuts will keep the money of hard working Americans in their own pockets. Corporate and small business tax cuts will help employers grow while also bringing companies and investments back to America, meaning more jobs and higher wages. 

Yes, the GOP Tax Plan will deliver tax cuts and spur economic growth. But another crucial part of this plan is reform. For too long, our tax system has had loopholes that allowed some to avoid paying their taxes. The GOP plan makes the tax code fairer and simpler across the board. With the complexity of those loopholes gone, filing  taxes will be so much easier, saving time and money. 



  • November 17th was the first day where petitions were available to be picked up to run as a Republicans in local elections. If you are interested in running for a county office like County Mayor or County Commission, please contact your County Election Commission



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Featured Events:

December 2 - Robertson County Christmas Party
December 4 - Anderson County Christmas Party
December 8 - Bledsoe County Christmas Party
December 10 - Shelby County Christmas Party
December 11 - West Knox County's Annual Christmas-Hanukkah Dinner
December 12 - Rutherford County Christmas Party
December 13 - Nashville Republican Women's Christmas Lunch
December 14 - Hawkins County Christmas Party



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