New TNGOP Ad: "Biggest Threat"

August 21, 2018 - Nashville, Tenn. - The Tennessee Republican Party released a new ad today highlighting Phil Bredesen's ties to extremist liberal Democrats and their immigration policies that are out-of-step with a majority of Tennesseans. The ad will run on digital platforms statewide.

Watch the video here:

"There's an old saying that one should put their money where their mouth is. But Phony Phil Bredesen's mouth and money are in totally different places. He says one thing but then turns around and accepts tens of thousands of dollars from extremist Democrats who want to abolish ICE, refuse to build the wall, and resist President Trump at every turn. Tennesseans elected President Trump to secure our border and curtail illegal immigration. Phony Phil can't run from the fact that his biggest supporters are at odds with Tennesseans' priorities." - Scott Golden, Tennessee Republican Party