Bill Lee has Knock-Out Victory in Second Debate

Oct. 9, 2018 -- Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on tonight's gubernatorial debate: 

"Tonight was a knock-out victory for Bill Lee. He explained how his real life experiences of running a business, leading a family and working with non-profits have prepared him for the challenges facing Tennessee. Bill's victory tonight was overwhelming as he laid out a clear vision for Tennessee and why he is the only candidate in this race to make our state a leader in the nation. 

"Karl Dean made one of his most telling comments of the campaign tonight saying that, '[He] was able to do what [he] wanted to do' as Nashville's mayor referring to his second term when he raised property taxes for metro Nashville. This tax-happy governing is not the type of leadership Tennesseans want in the governor's mansion and why Bill Lee will be elected this fall."