ICYMI - Senior Google Employee Advocates for Censorship of "Terrorist" Marsha Blackburn

Oct. 2, 2018 -- It's no secret that Silicon Valley is a liberal enclave where conservatives are not welcome. Tennesseans got to see that firsthand when Twitter banned Republican Marsha Blackburn's pro-life ad (only for Twitter to recant after public backlash.) Continue reading

Bredesen's #MeToo Problem

Oct. 2, 2018 -- If getting booed at his own event wasn’t enough, Phil Bredesen is now under fire for his coverup of sexual harassment claims as governor. Phil claimed at an event Monday that he had a "zero tolerance" policy towards sexual harassment during that time, but the facts show he was more interested in covering up the investigations. Continue reading

ICYMI - Letter to the Editor: 'Phil Waltzes Around The Issues'

Sept. 27, 2018 -- Tennessee resident Ralph Miller writes in The Chattanoogan:  Once again I could hear the strains of Patti Page as old Phil waltzed around the issue of how he would vote as a Democrat if elected as our U.S. Senator. Continue reading

Op-ed: Bredesen Out of Touch with Tennesseans on Healthcare, Abortion, Tax Cuts

Sept. 24, 2018 -- Writing in the Times Free Press, columnist Clint Cooper highlights the many ways in which Democrat Phil Bredesen is showing Tennesseans just how out of step he is with them on important issues. Continue reading

ICYMI Bredesen Supports Fully Funding Planned PArenthood

Nashville, Tenn. - September 19,2018 - A majority of Tennesseans hold pro-life views, but that hasn't stopped Phil Bredesen from doubling down on his pro-abortion stance. Continue reading

ICYMI: Democratic Spokesman Calls Evangelical Christians Racist

Aug. 21, 2018 -- More concerning statements from Tennessee Democratic Party Mark Brown were unearthed yesterday, showing he called evangelical Christians who support President Trump "racist," in addition to referring to the United States as "racist America." Continue reading

Chattanooga Times Free Press Letter to the Editor 8/15/2018

Will 'dark money' buy Phil Bredesen? Mikey Glenn Chattanooga Times Free Press August 15, 2018 Continue reading

ICYMI: Bredesen Deceptive Out of the Box

ICYMI: Bredesen Deceptive Out of the Box NASHVILLE, TENN. -- Phony Phil Bredesen's latest ad desperately tries to convince Tennessean Republicans he's one of them, but Tennesseans aren't fooled. From Clint Cooper at the Times Free Press (emphasis added): Continue reading

Chattanooga Times Free Press Opinion 8/8/2018

Let Blackburn Help Trump with Vets Terry Thomas Chattanooga Times Free Press August 8, 2018  Continue reading

We must help keep the momentum going!

The primary elections are over, and Bill Lee and Marsha Blackburn are bringing together Republicans from all walks of life across this state. Will you join our unified party? Continue reading