ICYMI: Democratic Spokesman Calls Evangelical Christians Racist

Aug. 21, 2018 -- More concerning statements from Tennessee Democratic Party Mark Brown were unearthed yesterday, showing he called evangelical Christians who support President Trump "racist," in addition to referring to the United States as "racist America." Continue reading

Chattanooga Times Free Press Letter to the Editor 8/15/2018

Will 'dark money' buy Phil Bredesen? Mikey Glenn Chattanooga Times Free Press August 15, 2018 Continue reading

ICYMI: Bredesen Deceptive Out of the Box

ICYMI: Bredesen Deceptive Out of the Box NASHVILLE, TENN. -- Phony Phil Bredesen's latest ad desperately tries to convince Tennessean Republicans he's one of them, but Tennesseans aren't fooled. From Clint Cooper at the Times Free Press (emphasis added): Continue reading

Chattanooga Times Free Press Opinion 8/8/2018

Let Blackburn Help Trump with Vets Terry Thomas Chattanooga Times Free Press August 8, 2018  Continue reading

We must help keep the momentum going!

The primary elections are over, and Bill Lee and Marsha Blackburn are bringing together Republicans from all walks of life across this state. Will you join our unified party? Continue reading

Tennessee Voters Respond to Marsha’s Energetic Campaign, Phantom Phil Distant Second

Phantom Phil Bredesen didn’t entirely ghost Tennessee voters on primary day, but he sure came close, limiting his interactions to a single Facebook video in a staged room with a small, select group. Continue reading

And we thought "deplorables" was bad

Phil Bredesen's leading spokesperson lets us know what he really thinks of President Trump and his supporters, and it's not going over well: Continue reading

Times Free Press: Political Notebook 7/23/2018

WAPO's Fact Checker gives Bredesen Three Pinocchios on meth claimChattanooga Times Free PressJuly 23, 2018Andy Sher Continue reading

Phil's no good, very bad week

Phil Bredesen’s had a no good, very bad week on the campaign trail. Continue reading

Phil Bredesen's Distorted New Ad

Just as he has been, fibbing Phil Bredesen picks and chooses the facts to distort his record in his new ad. As governor, he increased taxes and fees by over a billion dollars while using federal stimulus money to prop up his budgets. He’s just another tax and spend liberal masquerading as a fiscally responsible candidate. Tennesseans are not fooled. They know Chuck Schumer’s top recruit will go to Washington and fall in line with national Democrats who think the government ought to spend more of your hard earned money. He’s already said he would have voted against President Trump’s historic tax reform and called the billions in higher pay and bonuses: “crumbs.” Marsha Blackburn is the only candidate they can trust to fight for lower taxes and a balanced budget. Continue reading