Karl Dean Under Fire

ICYMI RGA: Tennessee Dem Gov Candidate Karl Dean Under Fire Over Misuse of Disaster Relief Last week at the Leadership Tennessee Gubernatorial Forum, Karl Dean was blasted by fellow Democratic candidate House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh on his handling of funds following the 2010 Nashville flood.   Continue reading

Special Delivery

Special Delivery!! Continue reading


Tennessee Democrats are at it again. While the TNDP has been touting their quantity of candidates for state office, maybe they should have taken a closer look at the quality. Continue reading

Between a Crumb and a Hard Place

In this NYT story, Bredesen once again falls in line with his party's leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in calling the outpouring of employee benefits from Tax Reform 'crumbs.' Continue reading

Where does Phil stand?

Phil Bredesen has already stated his opposition to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which has lead to more jobs, higher wages, bonuses, and increased corporate investment for millions of hard working American families. Now, Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats plan to rewrite the tax code and undo these much needed tax cuts. Continue reading

Fat Paycheck Phil

Now we know why Phil Bredesen doesn’t support tax cuts for working Tennessee families: his paycheck was pretty fat to start with.  Continue reading

We've got a few questions

Earlier today, the Tennessee Democratic Party posted a now deleted tweet calling for stricter gun laws. The deleted tweet left us with some questions: Why did TNDP delete the tweet? Do Phil Bredesen and Karl Dean agree with TNDP's call for stricter gun control? Why were Bredesen and Dean silent about the March for Our Lives? Is the progressive wing of the Democratic party happy with their two frontrunners?

Phil's Moderate Makeover

Phil Bredesen is in Nashville today, holding a "Day of Action" as his team collects signatures to get him on the ballot. His campaign is doing its best to convince Tennesseans that he’s a moderate Democrat, not one of the far-left folks in Washington like Chuck Schumer who oppose President Trump at every turn. Continue reading

Tennessee Democrats' total disconnect

In a continued effort to show their total disconnect with the entire state of Tennessee, Democrat Party Chair Mary Mancini went to Twitter to ask what the TNGOP has done to invest in our workers. Continue reading


It is becoming increasing obvious that the disarray in the Tennessee Democratic Party doesn’t end with yesterday’s staff shakeup. All across Tennessee we are seeing Democratic County Chairs telling whoever will listen that they can’t find candidates. Whether it is due to a "lack of interest" or an outright refusal to run when asked by TNDP leadership.  Continue reading