Bredesen Continues Sexual Assault Coverup

Oct. 10 -- Today Phil Bredesen released a new ad attempting to distract from his own disastrous handling of sexual assault allegations. The TNGOP has released the following video pointing out Bredesen's false claims:


"Phil Bredesen is refusing to own up to his own disastrous handling of sexual harassment allegations while governor," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "Does he believe the many reporters from the Associated Press and The Tennessean were liars too? Phil needs to take a long look in the mirror. "

For more background:

  • The 2017 Statement Of Organization For Bredesen’s Campaign Is Signed By Treasurer Virginia Lodge. (Statement Of Organization, Filed 12/18/17)
  • Bredesen’s Campaign Finance Chair Is Dick Lodge. “Dick Lodge, a longtime advisor, lobbyist and attorney at Nashville's Bass, Berry & Sims, will serve as campaign finance chair to oversee fundraising efforts.” (Joey Garrison, “Phil Bredesen Names Campaign Team For U.S. Senate Run,” The Tennessean, 1/25/18)
  • Virginia Lodge Is One Of Nine Members On The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Board Of Directors. “Virginia Lodge of Nashville, Tenn. is currently CEO of FSI Inc., a position she has held since 2012. Prior to this, she served as commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Human Services from 2003 to 2011. She was the executive director for Kids Voting of Middle Tennessee from 1994 to 1999. During her entire career, Ms. Lodge worked on a number of political campaigns. Her term expires May 18, 2019.” (“Board Of Directors,” Tennessee Valley Authority, Accessed 6/29/18)
  • Bredesen downplayed sexual harassment saying, “Anytime you mix men and women together in a work environment there's going to be issues.” (Brad Schrade, “Bredesen Imposes Secrecy On Select Harassment Cases,” The Tennessean, 7/16/05)
  • As governor, Bredesen’s office shielded top aides from sexual harassment allegations. (Bonna de la Cruz, “Deputy Gov. Pulled Strings In Hushed-Up Harassment Case,” The Tennessean, 12/21/05)
  • Under Bredesen’s administration, reports of sexual harassment nearly doubled. (Matt Gouras, “Sexual Harassment Reports Climb,” The Associated Press, 12/12/05)
  • Bredesen’s administration shredded evidence about sexual harassment allegations involving his political appointees. (Brad Schrade, “Investigator Shreds Notes In Bredesen Aide’s Demotion,” The Tennessean, 5/12/05)
  • “Records have shown that when Bredesen’s office becomes involved in a complaint, notes are shredded or not taken, or documents are not released.” (Editorial Board, “EDITORIAL: Bredesen Must Clean Up Conduct, Open Records,” The Tennessean, 7/15/05)
  • Bredesen hired two individuals who oversaw the mishandling of the sexual harassment allegations to run his campaign. (Brent Scher, “Bredesen Reassembles Team That Mishandled Sexual Harassment Claims,” The Washington Free Beacon, 2/6/18)