Does Phil Bredesen Endorse Democrats Shameless Antics?

Sept. 5, 2018

NASHVILLE, TENN. -- Democrat Phil Bredesen claims he wants to end hyper-partisanship in Washington, but it's clear the worst offenders are members of his own party.

Senate Democrats engaged in a shameful display yesterday, rudely interrupting Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing an astounding 76 times. The Democrats further admitted their behavior was pre-planned and had nothing to do with any substantive opposition to Judge Kavanaugh.

Bredesen has remained noticeably silent on the episode, perhaps because he's accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

"Confirming judicial nominees is one of the most important duties of a United States Senator, yet Phil Bredesen refuses to say where he stands," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "He refuses to say how he would vote on the eminently qualified Brett Kavanaugh; he refuses to say how he would have voted on the eminently qualified Neil Gorsuch; and now he refuses to condemn the nakedly partisan and childish antics of his own party. 

"Tennesseans deserve to know where the candidates stand on the important issue of judicial appointments to the highest courts in the land. Marsha Blackburn has made clear her support for judges and justices who will uphold the Constitution. Why can't Phil Bredesen?"