Will Bredesen Stand Up to His Party?

Phil Bredesen has finally broken his silence on ICE and whether he supports his party's fight against our immigration enforcement agency with a one worded response, "No." If he doesn’t think ICE should be abolished, he should call for an end to the ridiculous protests - like the one that occurred while ICE agents were breaking up a human trafficking ring. Instead of speaking out against these protests, he is again staying silent and hiding until the press asks him. 

How can Tennesseans trust Phil Bredesen when he says he will stand up for what’s best for Tennessee if all he can muster in response to serious issues are one word answers? He is running on a platform that he won’t do the bidding of national Democrats, but if he can’t even stand up to his own party on the campaign trail, why should anyone believe he would actually do it in the Senate?