Capitol Club is a membership program for some of our most committed supporters who give their time, energy, and dollars towards making the Tennessee Republican Party stronger. JOIN TODAY

Cost: $100 annual contribution 

Members receive the following benefits: 

1. An official Capitol Club lapel pin 

2. 1 discounted ticket* to the annual Statesmen’s Dinner (*$50 off ticket price) 

3. Quarterly Capitol Club political report 

4. Recognition on the TNGOP website  

2020 Capitol Club Members

Steve Allbrooks (SEC Member)
Pat Allen (TNGOP Secretary)
Jennifer Little(TNGOP Vice Chair)
Mary Lynn Barnes
Linda D. Buckles (SEC Member)
Kathy Bryson (SEC Member)
Shirley Carrier
Michele Carringer (SEC Member)
Craig Clark
Linda Clark
Beth Scott Clayton Amos (TNGOP Vice-Treasurer)
Diane Cupp
Joanne Davis (SEC Member)
Lynne Davis (SEC Member)
James Garrett
Sharon Grimes (SEC Member)
Shannon Haynes (TNGOP Treasurer/SEC Member)
Larry Hillis (SEC Member)
Amy Jones (SEC Member)
Bill Kilgore
Gary Kee (SEC Member)
Matthew Johnson (SEC Member)
Sarah Johnson
Richard Wooten
Leon Harris
Yvonne Christopher
Steve Campbell
James Burkholder
Sherry Anderson
State Rep. Pat Marsh
State Rep. Justin Lafferty
Kevin Powers
Linda Buckles(SEC Member)
Cindy Hatcher(SEC Member)
Cyndi Miller(SEC Member)
Anita Taylor (SEC Member)
Brenda Kilgore
Peggy Larkin (SEC Member)
Angie McClanahan (SEC Member)
Tina McElrayvey (SEC Member)
Amber Mills
Lee Mills (SEC Member)
Gale Morton
Linda Osborne
Norma Otto
Mary Ann Parks (SEC Member)
Bobbie Patray
Patti Saliba (SEC Member)
Stephen Sebastian
Gail Shupe
Jim Shupe
Maria C. Stewart (SEC Member)
Joel Wallace (SEC Member)
Nancy Wilson (SEC Member)
James Winchester
Jo Zimmerman
Steve Glover
Sidney Collins
Kenneth Verble
Glynn Clark
Robert Henderson
Ted Hatfield
Zarianna Hurley
Julia Atchley-Pace(SEC Member)
Mary Tackett
Michael Tuttle
Jerry Beavers(SEC)
John Gillespie
Jo Zimmerman
Renea Jones
Byron Bush
John Henry
Rusty Crowe