Davidson County Reorganization

Doors open at 9:00 AM and are closed at 10:30 AM
(no one will be allowed to enter building after 10:30 AM)
Caucus to end around 11:30 - 12:00 PM

To attend the CAUCUS, you MUST pre-register by February 2, 2019. Click HERE to register. 
When registering, you can note if you are interested in running for one of the DCRP executive committee positions, and we will send you additional information.  
To participate, you must meet the two following requirements: 1) Have a valid picture ID (Federal or state issue) with your current address; and 2) Have evidence of voting in two Republican primaries since May 2014. (If you have voted in Davidson County, we will have your data already. If you have not voted in Davidson County since May 2014, you can request your previous election commission to send to you your voting data. You must bring it with you and it must be certified from the County/State that you voted.)