Karl Dean Calls in Out-of-State Reinforcements

Sept. 25, 2018 -- Former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe is making his way to the Volunteer State today to help campaign for Karl Dean. This is the same Terry McAuliffe who as governor lead the only southern state to vote for Hillary in 2016, fathered a $44 toll, and lead the charge to raise taxes on Virginians. In comparison, Tennessee has excelled with conservative leadership - #1 in the Southeast and #5 in the nation for median household income growthand record low unemployment.

More recently, McAuliffe commented last month that impeachment of the president 'ought to' be looked at. 

"Karl Dean sure knows how to pick his friends," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "As the saying goes, 'show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.' Well Karl, it looks like you're just another tax and spend liberal and if elected, Tennessee would be on that same tax and spend track.

"While Karl Dean continues to align himself with national Democrats like Ashley Judd and now Gov. Terry McAuliffe who are determined to undermine the President's agenda, Bill Lee is spending his time meeting with Tennesseans in every county talking about his vision for this state. Karl Dean's friendships may excite the 'Resistance,' but the facts are undeniable: Tennessee has seen tremendous growth under Republican leadership and Bill Lee is the only candidate who will continue leading this state in the right direction."