ICYMI: Democratic Spokesman Calls Evangelical Christians Racist

Aug. 21, 2018 -- More concerning statements from Tennessee Democratic Party Mark Brown were unearthed yesterday, showing he called evangelical Christians who support President Trump "racist," in addition to referring to the United States as "racist America."

From the Daily Caller:
On October 31, 2017, Brown, who is trying to get Democratic candidates elected in the Bible Belt, tweeted out an article from the LA Times entitled, “Under Trump, Evangelicals show their true racist colors.” ...
On Nov. 26, 2017, he called America “racist”:

That wasn't all: Brown also 
said, “If forced to pick my favorite mainstream country act, I would gouge out my eardrums with a f---ing icepick” - a puzzling statement for someone attempting to get voters in the country music capital of the world to vote for his candidate.

"For him to attack people of faith for supporting the President is truly a new low. Such hateful vitriol is always a bad look, but Phil Bredesen and his followers continue to double down on their disdain for Tennesseans.” -- Scott Golden, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman

Brown is no stranger to extreme statements. Just last month he was exposed for saying: “F--- ‘reaching out’ to Trump voters. The idiots aren't listening."

And Brown isn't the only Phil Bredesen backer who espouses violent rhetoric. As Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis said at a recent campaign prayer breakfast for Bredesen “The big orange president, he’s going to come down here and he is going to endorse Marsha Blackburn, because Marsha Blackburn, if he says, ‘Jump off the Harahan Bridge,’ she’ll jump off the Harahan Bridge. I wish he’d say that.”

And let’s not forget the disdain Phony Phil himself has shown for Tennesseans: "I have a foot planted in a more sophisticated world, for lack of a better word. I went to an Ivy League college, I've been a mayor, a governor, and CEO of a public company."

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