Phil Bredesen's Distorted New Ad

Just as he has been, fibbing Phil Bredesen picks and chooses the facts to distort his record in his new ad. As governor, he increased taxes and fees by over a billion dollars while using federal stimulus money to prop up his budgets. He’s just another tax and spend liberal masquerading as a fiscally responsible candidate. Tennesseans are not fooled. They know Chuck Schumer’s top recruit will go to Washington and fall in line with national Democrats who think the government ought to spend more of your hard earned money. He’s already said he would have voted against President Trump’s historic tax reform and called the billions in higher pay and bonuses: “crumbs.” Marsha Blackburn is the only candidate they can trust to fight for lower taxes and a balanced budget.

"Once again, fibbing Phil Bredesen is twisting the facts to tell a distorted version of his time as governor, conveniently leaving out that he raised taxes and fees by over a billion dollars. Tennessee needs a Senator that not only has a memory tethered to reality, but one who will fight for real fiscal responsibility, and that is Marsha Blackburn." - Scott Golden