Flashback: Bredesen Couldn't Bring Himself to Call George W. Bush 'Our President'

Sept. 28, 2018 -- Phony Phil Bredesen is trying to tout that he worked with President George W. Bush in a new ad, but he must think we forgot his own words at the time.

When he was governor, Phil said about Bush, "I can't even say 'our president' or 'my president' anymore."

The Associated Press reported at the time:

"The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper in Clarksville reported Bredesen's comments at a Democratic Party fund-raiser in Robertson County on Saturday. ‘The president. I can't even say “our president” or “my president” anymore,’ the governor was quoted as saying.” (The Associated Press, 9/10/03)

"Another day, another instance of Phony Phil Bredesen trying to have it both ways," Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden said. "His remarks were awful then, and the fact that he's now trying to use President Bush for his own political gain is awful now."