August 15, 2018

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We've Got Nominees!


The primary elections are over, and Bill Lee and Marsha Blackburn are bringing together Republicans from all walks of life across the state. Two days after the primary, all statewide elected officials and candidates came together early this month as a united Republican front as we head into the general election. In a strong show of support, hundreds of activists, volunteers and elected officials came across Tennessee to be a part of our 2018 Unity Rally. With Bill Lee and Marsha Blackburn at the top, the 2018 ticket, is energizing Tennesseans, as shown by the hundreds of activists, volunteers and elected officials who came from across Tennessee to attend our 2018 Unity Rally.


Steve Cohen's Violent Rhetoric

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) is at it again. The Huffington Post reported last week that perennially embarrassing Cohen said at a Phil Bredesen campaign prayer breakfast, "Marsha Blackburn: if [President Trump] says jump off the Harahan bridge, she'll jump off the Harahan bridge. I wish he'd say that." Just when we thought we'd seen it all from Cohen, he continues to out-do himself with such offensive comments, at a prayer breakfast no less. While Cohen's comments are extremely disappointing, what's worse is that the event's host Phil Bredesen refused to denounce Cohen's harmful comments.

Senator Alexander on the Difference a GOP Majority Makes

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander writes in the Tennessee Star:

"[With Republicans in charge, we have the] best economy in 18 years, the biggest tax reform in 31 years, military support is the strongest it has been in 15 years, numerous regulations have been repealed, one confirmed Supreme Court justice and another Supreme Court nominee, 23 conservative U.S. Circuit Court judges confirmed, opened up Alaska to energy development after 38 years. We have a new National Labor Relations Board. We repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty, repealed Dodd-Frank mortgage rules, passed legislation to improve veterans’ health care, and passed sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea.

"All of this in the last 18 months – the most important accomplishments by a conservative government in thirty years, and none would have happened without both a Republican president and a Republican Congress."

Read Senator Alexander's full comments HERE.

Earth to Democrats!

Outside of the Knoxville federal courthouse, Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini gave a doom and gloom speech about the need to "rebuild" Tennessee. This is only the latest example of how completely disconnected Mancini and her Party are from reality. The Tennessee Republican Party would like to invite Mary Mancini and the Tennessee Democratic Party back to planet Earth after their apparent absence for the past 8 years. Tennessee is thriving under Republican leadership and voters can see the results, even if Tennessee Democrats refuse to. Get the full facts on Tennessee HERE


  • Tennessee has more Republican's elected on the county level then ever before! On August 2nd, we elected 729 Republicans to serve including 9 new County Mayors and 6 new Sheriffs 
  • We already have 17 Victory 2018 campaign offices across the state with field staff making phone calls and knocking doors for our nominees.
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced their endorsement for Marsha Blackburn for Senate, saying, "Marsha Blackburn is the best candidate to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate. In Congress, she has worked to cut unnecessary regulations and create an economic climate that allows businesses to thrive. The U.S. Chamber is proud to endorse her




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Featured Events:

August 24 - Red River Women Wine Tasting and Membership Event
August 27 - Washington County GOP Women's Bluegrass and BBQ



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