September 18, 2018

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Phil's Phony Budget Claims

This is becoming quite the trend. Phil Bredesen released yet another ad where he only tells part of the story, this time patting himself on the back for balancing Tennessee's budget - even though governors are constitutionally required to do so. Bredesen makes it sound like he stands out among Tennessee governors, but Tennessee has balanced its budget every year since voters approved a balanced budget amendment to the state Constitution in 1978. This requirement still didn't stop Bredesen from raising taxes and fees on Tennesseans by almost $1 billion and raiding hundreds of millions of dollarsfrom the state's highway fund so that he could pay for his own budgetary priorities. Although his commercials make it seem as though he's a supporter of fiscal responsibility, Bredesen currently opposes a Constitutional amendment to keep the federal budget balanced. Phil can't have it both ways, and Tennesseans are seeing him for the phony he is.

New Campaign Ads

Both Marsha Blackburn and Bill Lee are out with new ads. Check out why Tennesseans are saying Bredesen's Senate run is a non-starter and why you can believe Bill Lee when he talks about vocational/technical education. 



Google's Bias Caught on Tape

President Trump and Republicans have felt Google's bias against conservatives for a while, it's finally been caught on tape. The recording is of a staff meeting on the Friday following Donald Trump's election. Google executives promised that the company would "use the great strength and resources and reach we have to continue to advance really important values." For a look at what values they were referring to, Google's Vice President gives us an idea, "It's fairly obvious that Google leans largely liberal and Democratic." These comments only prove that the President was right as online giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google continue to show their true colors. Marsha Blackburn has said this a few times on the campaign trail, "While the left has the money and media, we have the people and the policies." That was true in 2016 and it'll be true this fall when we send her to the US Senate.

Phil Doubles Down on Kavanaugh Non-Answers

Phil Bredesen likes to say he's good at making tough decisions, and that he can stand up to his own Democratic Party. But his continued refusal to take a stand on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court shows exactly the opposite. In July he said he'd have to wait for the hearings to make a decision. But after the multiple days of hearings concluded, he says he didn't watch them. When asked by the press, he's delayed and demurred time after time - just like party boss Chuck Schumer told him to. At a recent event the crowd even gave him the opportunity to give a clean yes or no answer. He gave a four-minute-long non-answer, but the most telling part was, “There is no right answer there, whichever one I give half of the people that are for me are going to be opposed to the answer and there’s no good answer there." That's not leadership. That's not standing up to one's own party. That's running away from a tough decision.



  • Vice President Mike Pence will be back in Tennessee on the 21st campaigning for Marsha Blackburn in Knoxville. 
  • TNGOP Victory 2018 field staff is out across the state knocking on doors and making phone calls to make sure Republican nominees win in November.
  • US Senator Marco Rubio campaigned in Middle Tennessee this month with Marsha Blackburn and Latinos for Tennessee.
  • Bill Lee's Believe in Tennessee tour continues as he visits all 95 counties to share his vision for our state. Check HERE to find a tour stop near you. 
  • Marsha Mondays are going on every Monday from now until election day! Sign up HERE to volunteer at an RNC office in your area.
  • Gov. Debates: Oct. 2 in Memphis, Oct. 9 in Kingston, Oct. 12 in Nashville
  • Sen. Debates: Sept. 25 in Lebanon, Oct. 10 in Knoxville



Visit our events calendar at to see what is happening around the state!

Featured Events:

September 19 - Dr. Brent Moody Reception
September 20 - Charlotte Bergmann Fundraiser
September 21 - Tennessee Federalist Society Fundraiser
September 21 - Vice President Mike Pence in Knoxville
September 22 - UT Tailgate
September 22 - Pancake Breakfast for Tom Leatherwood
September 24 - White County Meeting
September 25 - Jackson Senate Debate Watch Party
September 27 - 4th Annual Shrimp Boil
September 27 - Obion County Reagan Day Dinner
September 29 - Bledsoe County Pancake Breakfast
September 29 - Vanderbilt Tailgate



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