ICYMI: Bredesen Deceptive Out of the Box

ICYMI: Bredesen Deceptive Out of the Box

NASHVILLE, TENN. -- Phony Phil Bredesen's latest ad desperately tries to convince Tennessean Republicans he's one of them, but Tennesseans aren't fooled. From Clint Cooper at the Times Free Press (emphasis added):

Well, that didn't take long.

… Phil Bredesen's Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate showed it was not above such deceptive advertising.

On Monday, the campaign, which had previously employed well-done ads in which the former Tennessee governor talked moderately and said earnestly he was "applying for the job," released a commercial in which some Republicans who don't support him are shown saying kind things about him. ...

The idea is to give viewers and listeners the idea that those Republicans are supporting the Democrat for Senate and not Republican Marsha Blackburn. They are not.

Corker previously has said he has sent a financial contribution to Blackburn, Fleischmann in a statement Monday said Bredesen is "wrong for Tennessee," and Maggart said she enthusiastically backs Blackburn.

Maggart, in an email to the Times Free Press, not only said she was not behind Bredesen's campaign but also charged the former governor's campaign "chopped and spliced my sentence together, and my entire point was changed. So much for 'really working across the aisle' when he had to manipulate my point to serve his purpose."

Until now, Bredesen had intoned themes of working with President Trump where they found common ground, of the parties working alongside each other and of ending the rancor in Washington, D.C.

This ad, and so soon out of the gate, shows the campaign has no such motives. ...

Frankly, we're also a little bit surprised because Bredesen must win over a lot of Republicans to capture the seat. If Republican voters see that it's just business as usual from a Democrat, that Bredesen is no better than the likes of New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer or Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren or New Jersey's Cory Booker, they may not give him a second look.

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