ICYMI - Letter to the Editor: 'Phil Waltzes Around The Issues'

Sept. 27, 2018 -- Tennessee resident Ralph Miller writes in The Chattanoogan

Once again I could hear the strains of Patti Page as old Phil waltzed around the issue of how he would vote as a Democrat if elected as our U.S. Senator.
Once again he employed Clinton-speak as he waltzed around what he knew would be the Marsha Blackburn focus in last night’s debate. Of course, he will tell us he won’t support Chuck Schumer as majority leader. He doesn’t have to, just like he didn’t have to raise sales and gas taxes - he raised nearly a billion dollars in other taxes.

But what he didn’t say in the debate is that he will support Democrat policies. It won’t matter if Dick Durban or Kamala Harris or whoever is the majority leader in the Senate. He’s not going to be a maverick. Democrats don’t have mavericks. Can you name one? 

Does anyone honestly think the DNC is financing the campaign of someone who will vote for a wall, who will vote for Kate’s Law, who will support the Second Amendment and will support President Trump’s nominees for federal judge and the Supreme Court?

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