TNGOP Calls on TNDP to Invalidate Nomination

Nashville, Tenn. - May 2, 2018 - The Tennessee Republican Party calls on the State Primary Board for the Democratic Party to invalidate the nomination of Anne McGraw for Williamson County Commission. During early voting, Anne McGraw, a Democratic candidate herself on the May 1 primary ballot, opted to vote in the Republican primary. This decision demonstrates a malicious intent to tamper with the democratic process. 

According to TCA 2-7-115:

(b)  A registered voter is entitled to vote in a primary election for offices for which the voter is qualified to vote at the polling place where the voter is registered if:
    (1)  The voter is a bona fide member of and affiliated with the political party in whose primary the voter seeks to vote
    (2)  At the time the voter seeks to vote, the voter declares allegiance to the political party in whose primary the voter seeks to vote and states that the voter intends to affiliate with that party.

Being herself a candidate and therefore bona fide member of the Tennessee Democratic Party who is running for their nomination, Anne McGraw knowingly violated the spirit of Tennessee election law. 

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement:

"The sanctity of our elections and democratic process is a large part of what what makes this nation great. The actions of Anne McGraw and the inaction of the Tennessee Democratic Party are despicable and only work to dismantle that sanctity. That is why I am calling on Tennessee Democratic Primary Board to invalidate Anne McGraw's nomination."

Along with McGraw, Bill Peach, a Democratic candidate for State House 63, also voted in the Williamson County Republican primary. These actions bring to light the level of disorganization at the Democratic Party when they can't even get their own candidates to vote in their primaries.