"Leaked" Texts: Schumer Orders Bredesen Silence on Immigrant Caravan

Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer delivered a clear message to his candidates in a recent statement: do not talk about immigration, and specifically the caravan of thousands making their way to the southern border, under any circumstances.

Democrat Phil Bredesen is only too happy to stay silent for long as possible, just like he did on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation when Schumer told him to delay. A new digital ad from the Tennessee Republican Party highlights why Phil is being silent: 


"Chuck Schumer instructed Phil Bredesen to stay quiet on Kavanaugh for 88 days, and now they're clearly using the same tactic on this caravan headed towards our border," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "Marsha Blackburn has been clear that those seeking to enter the country illegally should not be rewarded for ignoring our immigration laws. Tennesseans want the border secured, and it's clear they can't trust Phil Bredesen to do so."

The ad will run on all digital platforms statewide.