Chattanooga Times Free Press Letter to the Editor 6/18/2018

Elect Marsha Blackburn to help President Trump
Bryan Wells 
Chattanooga Times Free Press 
June 18, 2018 

On Nov. 8, 2016, Americans decided we were fed up with the path of "progress" we were being led down. Liberal elites and the media told us Hillary Clinton would be our next president. They said Donald Trump couldn't win. They told us our country was doing great under President Obama, and we just needed more of the same. We told them, "No." We know that America is good and that America ought to lead. We know that America's leaders should put America first, and we know Donald Trump is doing that. Right now, there are only 51 Republicans in the Senate. The beauty of America is that we have three branches of government with separate spheres of power, but that also means that winning the presidency is not enough. If Marsha Blackburn is not elected to the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer's plan of "progress" will begin anew, and President Trump won't be able to defend this nation. Elect Marsha Blackburn as your next senator so the president will have an ally in Congress.


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