Chattanooga Times Free Press Letter to the Editor 8/15/2018

Will 'dark money' buy Phil Bredesen? 
Mikey Glenn 
Chattanooga Times Free Press 
August 15, 2018

It's just wrong for out-of-state liberals to try to encourage Tennesseans to vote for Phil Bredesen for U.S. Senate. Most of the assertions in his ads are complete fabrications. Did Phil Bredesen sign off on balanced budgets? Yes, but only because it's the law requiring Tennessee's budgets be balanced. It was the state legislators who did all the work, yet Bredesen is trying to take credit for it. Look closely at his newest ads; they are funded by Majority Forward, a liberal organization with strong ties to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

These funds are considered "dark money" held by a super PAC from outside Tennessee. Many consider such dark money as secret funds intended to purchase candidates' support for liberal legislation that meets their perverted agendas, targeting our personal freedoms and our president. The outcome of the primary election showed Marsha Blackburn receiving nearly two votes for every one cast for Bredesen. The liberals are scared and will do anything to try and get a majority in the Senate. Don't be fooled, Bredesen is a liberal in moderate's clothing, and apparently his campaign is available for purchase by out-of-state liberals.


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