Under President Trump, More and More Americans Are Getting Back to Work

The Longest Consecutive Positive Monthly Job Growth on Record.  Total payroll employment grew by 213,000 in June (18,000 over forecasts) led by gains in professional and business services, education and health services, and, once again, manufacturing. 

  • This is the longest consecutive, positive monthly job growth period on record (93 months). 

New Good-Paying Manufacturing Jobs. Manufacturing jobs continue to outperform under this administration, with an average increase of 20,000 new jobs per month compared to 8,000 per month in the second term of the Obama administration.  

  • Since President Trump was elected, the American economy has added 3.7 million jobs. One in every 10 of those jobs has been in manufacturing.

Higher Wages for American Workers. Average weekly earnings rose by 3.0 percent over the past 12 months for all private employees and for production and non-supervisory workers alike— more evidence that the President's policies are benefiting all Americans. 

More and More Americans Are Returning to the Workforce.

  • In June, the labor force grew by 601,000 workers, as the labor force participation rate for all workers increased. Earlier this year, the labor force participation rate for prime-age workers, those 25 to 54 years of age, reached its highest point since the Great Recession and was still a relatively-high 82.0 percent in June. 
  • Of those unemployed, almost 32 percent were labor force reentrants in June, or individuals who had previously left the workforce and stopped looking for work, but have now returned to the job market.  That's the highest it's been since before the recession (March 2007 was 32.1 percent) 
  • Although the unemployment rate went up in June, it's the kind of rise that economists like to see: it was due to a rise in labor force participation - more people who have been discouraged, sitting on the sidelines, now deciding to try to find a job. When they do, unless they immediately find a job, they get counted as unemployed, causing the unemployment rate to go up.  The share of unemployed workers who were labor market re-entrants in June was the highest rate since before the Great Recession. 
  • Under President Trump’s economy, new good-paying job opportunities are opening up to American workers, particularly the forgotten men and women of this country who have been left out of the workforce due to difficult life circumstances.

    • For instance, the Los Angeles Times recently reported that, “Americans with disabilities are finding new leverage” in the new jobs market.