Phil's no good, very bad week

Phil Bredesen’s had a no good, very bad week on the campaign trail.

It started with waffling in his support for Chuck Schumer even though Schumer was the one who personally recruited Bredesen to run. Next, after stating that he would not be contributing to his campaign, his disclosures showed otherwise with a personal loan of over $2 million, bringing his self-funding total for the cycle to $3.4 million. He was then caught in another lie, with the Washington Post awarding Bredesen three pinocchios for a dishonest claim about his record 'fixing' the meth problem while governor. His latest campaign ad, yet again twisted facts in an attempt to tell a distorted story. And just when we thought it was over, Phil's comments about supporting taxpayer funded abortions for babies with Down's syndrome resurfaced. 

We've spent the last few weeks wondering where Phil's been, but if this is what a week campaigning with #TeamBredesen looks like, he should go back into hiding.