Tennessee Voters Respond to Marsha’s Energetic Campaign, Phantom Phil Distant Second

Phantom Phil Bredesen didn’t entirely ghost Tennessee voters on primary day, but he sure came close, limiting his interactions to a single Facebook video in a staged room with a small, select group.

Marsha Blackburn meanwhile was busy traveling the state with nine different stops, talking with Tennesseans about the issues that matter to them.

The difference was clear in the night’s results: the majority of ALL voters chose Marsha – 262,613 more people pulled the lever for Marsha than Phantom Phil.




Marsha believes every candidate must work hard and earn the trust of those they wish to represent. But it’s clear Phantom Phil takes Tennesseans for granted and believes he’s entitled to their votes. Tennesseans need a Senator who will show up, not hide, and represent them in Washington.

Primary day clearly showed that Senator is Marsha Blackburn.