Phil Bredesen's Bernie Budget

September 12, 2018 -- Phil Bredesen had a rare rendezvous with the truth in Chattanooga yesterday, saying about the federal deficit, "Democrats — my own party — have never been great on the subject." We agree!

That's why the Tennessee Republican Party is releasing a new ad showing just how bad the Democratic Party is on the federal budget. If Phil Bredesen is elected and Senate Democrats regain control, they would choose current ranking member and socialist Bernie Sanders to lead the Budget Committee. The ad will run digitally statewide.


"Bredesen's claims to care about the federal debt are downright laughable since he would vote to put socialist Bernie Sanders -- whose healthcare proposal would cost $32 TRILLION -- as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "As governor, Bredesen irresponsibly raided hundreds of millions of dollars from the state highway fund and rainy day fund so he could pay for his budget priorities. Now he refuses to support a balanced budget amendment to rein in our ballooning federal debt.

"Tennesseans want a strong fiscal conservative who will vote against reckless government spending increases, and that's why they'll be sending Marsha Blackburn to the Senate in November."