Remember When Phil Said He Wouldn't Self-Fund?

Last December may be a life ago in politics, but we're old enough to remember when Phony Phil promised that he wouldn't self-fund his race for Senate.

As The Tennessean reported at the time: 

Bredesen, a former Nashville mayor who has earned millions privately in the health care industry and helped bankroll some of his past campaigns, said he would not be contributing any personal money into his race.

“I think at this point, I’ve earned the right to go out and raise money,” he said.

Well, now we have a third FEC report in-a-row showing Bredesen pumping millions of dollars into his campaign (he did the same in the first and second quarter of this financial year). His self-fund total to-date stands at $5,455,000, over a third of his total raised -- $3,455,000 of which came before there were any other candidates or groups on the airwaves (so don't try to play that card, Phil).

"Phony Phil Bredesen has misled voters once again," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "He knew he would self-fund all along, but that didn't stop him from lying. Tennesseans are catching on to his games and that's why he's cratering in the polls."