Phil's Moderate Makeover

Phil Bredesen is in Nashville today, holding a "Day of Action" as his team collects signatures to get him on the ballot. His campaign is doing its best to convince Tennesseans that he’s a moderate Democrat, not one of the far-left folks in Washington like Chuck Schumer who oppose President Trump at every turn.

However, what the Bredesen campaign didn't advertise was that earlier this week, Phil was in DC meeting with a group of Senate Democrats hoping to get their financial support. "Moderate" Democrats who've followed Chuck Schumer's lead and voted against the Late-Term Abortion Ban, Obamacare Repeal and the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. Which is exactly the type of "moderate" Phil Bredesen will be.

Chairman Scott Golden had this to say about Phil Bredesen's DC trip:

"While Phil Bredesen tries to pass himself off as a middle of the road Democrat, his actions beg to differ. When in Washington, DC this week, he took lessons from Senate Democrats on how to hide his liberal streak until after election day."