Phony Phil Can't Run From His Mega-Donor Past

Sept. 25, 2018 -- "Deplorables." "Dregs of society." That's how Hillary Clinton, and now Joe Biden, have referred to the millions of Americans who chose to not vote for a Democratic president in 2016.

Phil Bredesen is trying to run as far away as possible from his own party's standard bearers, past and present. The problem for him, however, is that he was one of their most reliable sources of campaign cash.

Phil's reasoning? In his words: "When people run for office, that's what you help and support your party."

And boy did he support the Clinton/Kaine and Obama/Biden tickets. In 2016, Phil cut a check worth $33,400 for Hillary Clinton. In 2012, he gave Barack Obama $30,000.

All told, Phil has given $460,691 over the years to elect liberal Democrats to various offices. For reference, the median household income in Tennessee was $48,547 in 2016, and $44,704 in 2012.

Our question: when it comes to explaining votes for Senate Democrats' liberal agenda, would Phil only say, "that's what you do?"


And just as a reminder, Phil shares Clinton and Biden's disdain for the middle and working classes: he's bragged that he's from a "more sophisticated world" than most Tennesseans, and believes that Congress cares too much about "what voters think."