Phony Phil's Not Your Guy

NASHVILLE, TENN. -- You've seen his resume (with some admitted help from us along the way). Now in his final ad of the campaign, Phony Phil Bredesen shows he's not Tennessee's guy.


For those keeping track at home, here are Bredesen's own words:

  • Bredesen believes he has a foot planted in a "more sophisticated" world than most Tennesseans
  • Bredesen has been a "happy Democrat" since college
  • Bredesen supported Barack Obama then, and he supports him now
  • Bredesen called Obama a "transformational" figure
  • Bredesen believed Hillary Clinton had "everything going for her" 
  • Bredesen predicted Hillary Clinton would be President, giving $33,400 to her campaign to back it up
  • Bredesen said "the great thing about being governor is taking taxes away from people"
  • Bredesen admitted that being a senator was "not [his] future" and he "wouldn't like being there" anyway

Yikes. And that's not even mentioning Kavanaugh, socialized medicine, or the caravan!

"Phil Bredesen's resume shows he'll be yet another loyal foot soldier in national Democrats' agenda of obstruction," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "Phil's been a loyal Democrat his entire political life and that won't change in Washington. He's clearly not Tennessee's guy.