Don't Fall for Phony Phil's Budget Claims

September 17, 2018 -- Phony Phil Bredesen is touting his budgetary accomplishments in a recent ad, but he's not giving Tennesseans the full story. So the Tennessee Republican Party made this helpful video to show that when it comes to budgets, Bredesen doesn't have a leg to stand on: 


Bredesen makes it sound like he stands out among Tennessee governors for balancing the budget. But Tennessee has balanced its budget every year since voters approved a balanced budget amendment to the state Constitution in 1978. 

Bredesen also neglects to mention that as governor he raised taxes and fees on Tennesseans by almost $1 billion and raided hundreds of millions of dollars from the state's highway fund so that he could pay for his own budgetary priorities.

"Our state constitution has strictly prohibited anything other than a balanced budget since 1978, so it's pretty rich for Phil Bredesen to claim that he's the only reason for our state's fiscal discipline," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "We're proud of keeping the budget balanced in Tennessee, but now Bredesen opposes a Constitutional amendment to keep the federal budget balanced? Phil can't have it both ways, and Tennesseans are seeing him for the phony he is."