TNGOP Denounces White Supremacy

Franklin, Tenn. - April 7, 2018 - Today at the spring meeting of the Tennessee Republican Party's State Executive Committee (SEC), the full SEC unanimously passed the following resolution:  BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TENNESSEE REPUBLICAN PARTY'S STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, that we denounce all white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups. Continue reading

Remembering Dr. King

Nashville, Tenn. - April 4, 2018 - On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, the Tennessee Republican Party released the following statement:  "50 years ago today we lost a passionate civil rights activist and faith leader in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As we honor his life, his constant pursuit of justice lives on in the countless leaders who have been inspired by his legacy."

Turmoil at the TNDP

Nashville, Tenn. - March 20, 2018 - Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement after reports the Tennessee Democratic Party is flailing:  "After a devastating loss last week in Senate District 14, the Tennessee Democratic Party is in turmoil. Democrats across the state are unhappy with the chair and the party is in debt. To boot, they ousted their executive director after squabbling with Phil Bredesen's campaign and replaced him with a radical liberal who has spent most of his career working for the nation's largest abortion provider. The TNDP's new executive director is wildly out of step with Tennessee values and his appointment makes it abundantly clear that there is no room for pro-life supporters in their Party. As they continue to serve the radical interests of national Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the TNDP is racing to the far left, leaving the good people of Tennessee behind."  

Karl Dean Stands By Hillary Clinton’s Attack On Tennessee Voters

Karl Dean Stands By Hillary Clinton’s Attack On Tennessee Voters Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean is standing by Hillary Clinton’s attack on Tennessee voters. Despite Hillary’s shockingly partisan words calling the people of Tennessee “backwards” for rejecting her campaign, Karl Dean is refusing to speak out even as he acknowledges her disparaging comments. Continue reading