Karl Dean Calls in Out-of-State Reinforcements

Sept. 25, 2018 -- Former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe is making his way to the Volunteer State today to help campaign for Karl Dean. This is the same Terry McAuliffe who as governor lead the only southern state to vote for Hillary in 2016, fathered a $44 toll, and lead the charge to raise taxes on Virginians. In comparison, Tennessee has excelled with conservative leadership - #1 in the Southeast and #5 in the nation for median household income growthand record low unemployment. Continue reading

Phony Phil Can't Run From His Mega-Donor Past

Sept. 25, 2018 -- "Deplorables." "Dregs of society." That's how Hillary Clinton, and now Joe Biden, have referred to the millions of Americans who chose to not vote for a Democratic president in 2016. Continue reading

Marsha Blackburn Clear Winner in First Senate Debate

Sept. 25, 2018 -- After the conclusion of the first U.S. Senate debate at Cumberland University, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden issued the following statement: Continue reading

Don't Fall for Phony Phil's Budget Claims

September 17, 2018 -- Phony Phil Bredesen is touting his budgetary accomplishments in a recent ad, but he's not giving Tennesseans the full story. So the Tennessee Republican Party made this helpful video to show that when it comes to budgets, Bredesen doesn't have a leg to stand on:  Continue reading