TNGOP Statement on Phil Bredesen's True Colors

Nashville, Tenn. - March 12, 2018 - Phil Bredesen is out with a new ad today claiming that he’s not running against President Trump. That’s not terribly surprising, considering the President won 92 out of Tennessee's 95 counties in 2016. Bredesen has made it clear who’s side he would be on when he did not support the recent tax cuts, and it’s not the side that voted for higher wages and bigger paychecks for Tennessee families. Continue reading

Presidents’ Day

Nashville, Tenn. – February 19, 2018 – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on Presidents’ Day:  “Presidents’ Day started as a celebration of the birthday of America’s first President, George Washington. Today, we honor the patriotism and service of our nations chief Executives. We are thankful for America’s Presidents, from Washington to Trump, who have helped defend freedom and preserve our great Republic.”

Statement Regarding @TEN_GOP Twitter Account

"The Tennessee Republican Party’s official Twitter handle has always been @TNGOP. We have never interacted, supported, or promoted the @TEN_GOP account. The content produced by that account was never representative of the views of the Tennessee Republican Party, and often times was divisive and appalling.  "As such, the Tennessee Republican Party, on multiple occasions, filed official reports with Twitter regarding the @TEN_GOP account. Each report was either dismissed by Twitter or never responded to. It is deeply disappointing knowing the true intentions and depth of deception this account was created for, and that despite our multiple attempts to have the account suspended by Twitter, it remained active on the social media’s website.  "It is our hope that Twitter, and other social media websites, enforce stricter verification rules, and take more seriously the impersonation of political parties, organizations, and candidates in future."   Documentation of reports to Twitter and their response are available to media upon request 

TNGOP calls for Dean and Fitzhugh to reject TNDP candidate's extreme, anti-Christian platform

Nashville, Tenn. – February 12, 2018 – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement calling on the Democratic candidates for Governor Karl Dean and Craig Fitzhugh to denounce the extremism of their party:  "Gayle Jordan, darling of the Tennessee Democratic Party and their nominee for State Senate District 14, is what she herself calls a “firebrand atheist.” She isn't simply non-religious, but actively works to lead people away from their faith. It’s her life’s work as the Executive Director of an organization called Recovering From Religion. Continue reading