TNGOP Statement on Results of HD 95 Special Election

Nashville, Tenn. – June 15, 2017 – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on the results of the special election for House District 95: “Congratulations to Kevin Vaughn, his wife Johnna, and their entire campaign team on his overwhelming victory tonight and I wish them the best of luck as they begin this new adventure. His victory is proof that Tennesseans see the positive results of effective Republican leadership in our state. Despite the rhetoric from Democrats, Republicans have made Tennessee one of the best states in the county to live, work, and raise a family. I’m excited to see Kevin help us continue that mission as the newest Representative for District 95.”

Joint Statement from the TNGOP and TNDP Chairs on the Horrific Attack in Alexandria, VA

Nashville, Tennessee. – June 14, 2017 – Scott Golden, Chair of the Tennessee Republican Party and Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party released the following joint statement on the shooting in Alexandria, VA: “Today’s attack on United States members of congress, their staff and all in attendance was horrific. Violence can never be tolerated in a civil society. The Tennessee Democratic Party and the Tennessee Republican Party condemn this and any act of violence for any motivation. We are thankful for the courage of the Capitol Police, whose presence and quick actions saved countless lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with Congressman Scalise, the other victims and their families.”

TNGOP Statement on Memorial Day

Nashville, Tenn – May 29, 2017 – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on Memorial Day: “Today marks the tradition of honoring our nation’s fallen heroes. Since America’s inception, men and women have given their lives fighting to defend the freedoms of our citizens. On this day, we take a moment to say thank you to the fallen and their families, to honor the sacrifices of those willing to lay down their lives in service to this great nation.”

TNGOP Statement on End of Legislative Session

Nashville, Tenn. – May 10, 2017 – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on the ending of the legislative session of the Tennessee General Assembly: “Today marks the end of another successful legislative session at the Tennessee General Assembly. The success of the legislature would not be possible if not for the leadership of Governor Haslam, Lieutenant Governor McNally and Speaker Harwell.” “This session has produced results including passing a balanced budget, expanding the Tennessee Promise to include access to education for more Tennesseans and fully funding road and infrastructure projects while instituting a 20% tax cut for food sales and reducing business taxes on manufacturing by over $100 million. Our State Representatives and Senators put in the tough work of making Tennessee a better place to live, raise a family and start a business.“