Phil Doubles Down on Kavanaugh Non-Answers

Sept. 14, 2018 -- Phil Bredesen likes to say he's good at making tough decisions, and that he can stand up to his own Democratic Party. But his continued refusal to take a stand on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court shows exactly the opposite. Continue reading

Phony Phil's "Circus" Pals

September 13, 2018 -- Phil Bredesen continues to refuse to tell Tennesseans how he'd vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, but he got one thing right: his fellow Democrats have turned the hearings into a "circus." The TNGOP's latest video highlights not only how out of line Senate Democrats have become, but how they've coincidentally been some of Phil's biggest supporters. Continue reading

Phil Bredesen's Bernie Budget

September 12, 2018 -- Phil Bredesen had a rare rendezvous with the truth in Chattanooga yesterday, saying about the federal deficit, "Democrats — my own party — have never been great on the subject." We agree! Continue reading

Bredesen Should Be Ashamed for His Condescension Towards Women

Sept. 12, 2018 -- In a recent Tennessean article, Democrat Phil Bredesen derisively referred to Congressman Marsha Blackburn as a "big girl." Tennessee Republican Party Vice Chairwoman Jennifer Little and Tennessee Federation of Republican Women President Barbara Trautman issued the following statements: Continue reading