Bredesen Calls in California Cavalry

It's no secret that Phil Bredesen is the top choice of Democrats across the country to turn the Senate blue. Continue reading

Phony Phil Bredesen Lies Again To Cover Up Sexual Assault

Oct. 18, 2018 -- When questioned during the second debate over his mishandling of sexual harassment claims, Phil Bredesen said, “it does not comport to the facts. The individual who performed these acts was gone the next day from the Governor's Office.”   Continue reading

Remember When Phil Said He Wouldn't Self-Fund?

Last December may be a life ago in politics, but we're old enough to remember when Phony Phil promised that he wouldn't self-fund his race for Senate. Continue reading

TN Democrat Spokesman Calls Gun Owners "Terrorists"

Tennessee Democrat spokesman Mark Brown is under fire once again, this time calling American gun owners the "biggest terrorist organization on the planet." Continue reading