TNGOP calls for Dean and Fitzhugh to reject TNDP candidate's extreme, anti-Christian platform

Nashville, Tenn. – February 12, 2018 – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement calling on the Democratic candidates for Governor Karl Dean and Craig Fitzhugh to denounce the extremism of their party: 

"Gayle Jordan, darling of the Tennessee Democratic Party and their nominee for State Senate District 14, is what she herself calls a “firebrand atheist.” She isn't simply non-religious, but actively works to lead people away from their faith. It’s her life’s work as the Executive Director of an organization called Recovering From Religion.

"Saying Gayle Jordan’s radical atheist views don’t represent the values of Tennesseans across this state or in District 14 is a gross understatement. She flat out attacks and rejects the fundamental social, moral, and religious beliefs of millions of Tennesseans. This type of extremism is being celebrated by the Tennessee Democratic Party and it is very concerning. Today I am asking if Democratic candidates for Governor, Karl Dean and Craig Fitzhugh, support Gayle Jordan and a Democratic Party that proudly espouse extreme views; candidates that shamelessly make statements such as “doing my part to destroy the fabric of America.”

"Tennesseans deserve to know if the potential Democratic nominee for Governor supports these radical views and will work to elect anti-Christian extremists to the state legislature. This is not about being a Republican or a Democrat, rather an acknowledgement that her public attacks on Christianity and outward anger towards those that believe in God are a far cry from the views of Tennessean families across this state and in District 14."