Setting the record straight

Democratic candidate for the US Senate Phil Bredesen recently released an ad touting his record on jobs. Well since he brought it up, let’s talk about Phil's actual jobs numbers and set the record straight. While Phil Bredesen was in the Governors office, the number of unemployed Tennesseans nearly doubled. Even further, he's now said emphatically that he would have voted against the tax cuts that have been creating jobs across the country even before the cuts were implemented. 

"When Phil Bredesen was governor, unemployment jumped from 5.1 percent to 9.5 percent. He is backtracking to change his weak record, but Tennesseans won’t be fooled by misleading ads. They know Bredesen will just be a shill for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, and Marsha Blackburn is the only one who will represent their shared values in the Senate."
– Candice Dawkins, TNGOP Communications Director



· During Bredesen’s tenure as governor, the unemployment rate in Tennessee increased from 5.1 percent to 9.5 percent.
· Tennessee’s unemployment rate when Phil Bredesen took office In January 2003 was 5.1 percent.
· Tennessee’s unemployment rate when Phil Bredesen left office In January 2011 was 9.5 percent.
· During Bredesen’s tenure as governor, the number of unemployed Tennesseans increased from 149,524 to 296,405, 98 percent increase.
· The number of unemployed Tennesseans when Phil Bredesen took office in January 2003 was 149,524
· The number of unemployed Tennesseans when Phil Bredesen left office In January 2011 was 296,405.