It is becoming increasing obvious that the disarray in the Tennessee Democratic Party doesn’t end with yesterday’s staff shakeup. All across Tennessee we are seeing Democratic County Chairs telling whoever will listen that they can’t find candidates. Whether it is due to a "lack of interest" or an outright refusal to run when asked by TNDP leadership

Current Democrat elected officials in the legislature have gone on record to say the candidates the party has recruited aren’t the "right kind of candidate."

Losing every single special election in the past year doesn’t help. The most recent being after the TNDP spent significant time and effort supporting Gayle Jordan’s campaign which ended in a 43 point landslide defeat

Just as telling as Phil Bredesen and Karl Dean’s constant efforts to run away from their Democratic affiliations as they travel the state trying to convince voters they are "moderate" Democrats. The reality is that Dean and Bredesen (Chuck Schumer’s hand picked candidate for Senate) are so liberal, they can’t even bring themselves to denounce Hillary Clinton's condescending remarks where she called Tennessee and other state’s that voted for Trump as "backwards."

Voters have seen the positive effects of Republican leadership with record low unemployment, increased educational opportunities, growing investment in improving infrastructure, and nationally recognized economic development. While Tennessee Democrats find themselves in disarray, the Tennessee Republican Party is eagerly working towards another fall of decisive electoral victories.  


Turmoil at the TNDP