TNGOP Response to Rep. Cohen's Letters of Impeachment

Nashville, Tenn. - November 15, 2017 - Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement in response to Rep. Steve Cohen's decision to introduce letters of impeachment: 

Steve Cohen, with the endorsement of TNDP Chair Mary Mancini, joined 5 other Democrats to take their obstructionist strategy to a new level. This is more evidence that Tennessee Democrats are not only losing touch with the values of Tennesseans, but also are more concerned with obstructing the President’s agenda than helping cut taxes for working class families across America.

"This attempt to impeach the President is a slap in the face to the over 1.5 million Tennesseans who voted for President Trump just one year ago. Sadly, the TNDP is more concerned with scoring cheap political points than representing Tennesseans.