VIDEO: Bredesen Campaign Urges Illegal Immigrants To ‘Get Involved’ In Campaign

NASHVILLE, TENN. -- Phil Bredesen has been clear that he disagrees with President Donald Trump on immigration policy, and does not support strictly enforcing current immigration laws. Now a recently posted video shows his campaign actively soliciting support from illegal immigrants to help Bredesen win.


"The contrast could not be more clear: Marsha Blackburn stands with the majority of Tennesseans who want the southern border secured and existing immigration laws enforced. Phil Bredesen parrots his Democrat party bosses by criticizing common-sense solutions to secure the border and soliciting support from illegal immigrants — we shouldn’t be surprised since Phil gave 51,000 illegal aliens state-issued licenses to drive while he was governor." -- Scott Golden, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman

As Breitbart reports:

A video released last week depicted two women talking with former Democrat Gov. Phil Bredesen and his communications director Laura Zapata, in which one woman admits to Zapata that she’s an illegal immigrant and therefore cannot vote in the Tennessee Senate election. The other woman then asked Zapata that given that she cannot vote for Bredesen in the Tennessee Senate election, why should they get involved in Bredesen’s campaign?


The woman asked:

"Umm, to our community that isn’t able to vote, why do you think they should advocate, when they have that platform, to advocate for your campaign. Why do you think they should advocate even though they’re not eligible to vote to encourage us voters to vote for you guys?"

Zapata replied that illegal immigrants should “get involved” because Bredesen is the “right choice” given that Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has anti-illegal immigrant policies.

Bredesen’s communications director admitted:

"Why they should get involved? Because I mean you guys said it yourselves, you know, this is the choice right now we have and we can take our country in a certain direction if you choose, umm, Phil Bredesen, or we can go back and choose Marsha Blackburn who has been very clear about what she wants to do with undocumented. . .[Emphasis added]"

Earlier in the video the two women, Bredesen, and Zapata discuss a Bredesen campaign ad that uses the term, “illegal immigrant,” in which the two women contend that the phrase “has been used to harm our community for a very long time,” to which Zapata agreed that the word might be offensive. ...

The video raises further questions over whether the Bredesen campaign solicits support from the Tennesee illegal immigrant community.

On Tuesday, former Gov. Bredesen refused to answer if he or his campaign solicited support from illegal immigrants.



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