Video: Bredesen Refuses to Answer Tough Questions

For all Phil Bredesen's talk of tackling tough issues, he's made a habit of refusing to take a position on the tough questions -- until he determines what the most politically expedient answer is. That's why the Tennessee Republican Party has released the following footage of Phil refusing to answer questions that many Tennesseans are asking.


"Throughout the campaign, Democrat Phil Bredesen has shown himself to be no more than a phony," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. "He refused to take a position on Kavanaugh for 88 days. He won't say who he would support as majority leader. Time and again, he tries to mislead Tennesseans on how he really thinks, and he can't be trusted on representing them in the U.S. Senate."

Some of the questions asked of Phil:

  • You donated $33,000 to Hillary Clinton. Do you plan on having her come and campaign for you in Tennessee?
  • If elected, would you vote for Chuck Schumer to be majority leader?
  • Your wife has given thousands to Elizabeth Warren. Do you plan on supporting her in the Senate?
  • Can you tell Tennesseans a single way you disagree with Hillary Clinton?
  • If elected, would you vote for a majority leader who would vote to abolish ICE?
  • Do you regret shredding the sexual harassment cases while you were governor?